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    Little Miss Blue
    and Mr. Red who?

    Sometimes life can seem unfair. At others, full of victory. In this drippy love story, Little Miss Blue & Mr. Red Who?, author and illustrator Bryan A. Bower whimsically portrays the courtship of two little ink drops.

    Little Miss Blue and Mr. Red who? Activity Edition

    COMING SOON! Our journey begins with the telling of Ms. Blue’s many hardships. Art lessons and activities will keep your child busy for hours after its reading.

    Pillowdown, The
    Mystical Country

    COMING SOON! The overall theme of Pillowdown, The Mystical Country is
    movement. The evil Spinasaurus personifies the terrifying & crippling effects spina bifida can inflict upon children.

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    Meet Bryan A. Bower

    I create books, custom games and toys that
    match a child’s particular cognitive level or physical deficit. My philosophy is this: ALL KIDS NEED TO DO IS HAVE FUN! ALL KIDS ARE KIDS FIRST! The trick is how do you
    present the right vehicle for fun that overcomes deficits?

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